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Lisa (Wife)

Sōsuke (Son)

Ponyo (Adoptive daughter)


Kazushige Nagashima (Japanese)

Matt Damon (English)

There is Sosuke, he is only five years old.

Koichi (コイチ, Koichi) is Sosuke's father and Lisa's husband. He works on a fishing boat called the "Koganei Maru"

Film Edit

We are first introduced to Captain Koichi on his ship, the Koganei Maru, when he passes by the house on the cliff, calling Sosuke's mother Lisa to tell her he has another run out to sea that he has to take and that he will not be back. This makes Lisa angry and he speaks to his son through morse code on the ship's signal lamp. He apologizes and tries to woo her into forgiving him by blinking the ship's decorative lights. This doesn't phase her and she tells him to B-U-G O-F-F many times. He has a brief exchange with his son; Sosuke prays for safe sailing and Koichi thanks him and wishes him love and kisses.

When the storm arrives we see his ship caught in the waves and Koichi sees Ponyo running on the ocean. He mentions that she looks like Sosuke's age.

Later on we see him at sea trying to figure out where they ended up. Through his binoculars he realizes it isn't land or a harbor they are seeing, it is a giant wave attracted by the large moon pulling hundreds of ships together to create the illusion of a shoreline with city lights. Granmamare appears and restores power to their ship. Koichi calls her the Goddess of Mercy. His crew bow and pay respect to her, saying they thought they might have been hallucinating.

Koichi returns and calls out to Lisa and Sosuke at the end of the movie, when all the other stranded ships and vessels return from the ocean.

Appearance Edit

Koichi has a squared jaw and black eyes, with short, dark brown hair partially hidden under his Captain's hat. He wears khaki clothes. We see him with a reddish life vest and a pair of binoculars in one scene.

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